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What am I up to with this blog, anyway?

Here’s the thing: there is nothing I can say on this blog about money, finances, financial independence, or retiring early that hasn’t already been said. I’m not a financial expert (I know just enough to be dangerous), and my track record shows I’m actually pretty terrible at managing my money no matter how I try to convince myself otherwise.

And still, I decided to create this blog. Why? Why? WHY???

1. As a way to motivate myself and stay motivated

I love to write, I love to crack wise, I love the Internet, and dammit, I love money. Even more than those things though, I am beyond ready to get out of the corporate scene and onto something bigger and better for myself. Starting a blog seemed like a good way to keep my eye on the prize.

2. As a way to keep track of my progress

I know where I’m starting, and I know where I’m going. I have absolutely NO idea what is going to happen between here and there, now and then. That’s what makes it fun, which brings me to my next point…

3. I want to inspire others who are in a similar place

It’s really a bit of a bummer to be pushing 50 and realizing you haven’t done much to prepare yourself for retirement. To feel stuck in your current situation for some undeterminable number of years until you can finally, magically, retire. And to feel worried that the day will never come because you didn’t have the foresight or discipline to do what it takes to prepare. And EVEN WORSE, that you might actually figure it out but not live long enough to reap the rewards of all your hard work. (Are you feeling inspired yet?)

This probably sounds morbid, and I will definitely write about this more in a future post, but the truth is that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I wish that idea had clicked for me when I was younger. It is my belief that I get one grand trip through this theme park called “life,” and by Zeus, I want to enjoy myself. That means fewer hours working for The Man, and more time being who I want to be and doing things that matter to me. NOW IS THE TIME. “Someday” has officially arrived.

I’ve been reading personal finance, financial independence/retire early (FIRE), and investing blogs on and off for a number of years, and one thing I have noticed is that they are overwhelmingly written by and for people under 40. People who still have time to even consider retiring early. Sure, everything under 65 is technically “early,” but I mean, some of these people are retiring at 30. Or 25! That’s amazing, and I’m pleased as punch for them, but it would be comforting to occasionally hear a voice from the other side of the big 4-0.

Now, I realize that I’m probably not the voice you were hoping to hear, but I’m going to keep it up anyway. If not for you, then for myself. There is a quote floating around the Internet that I like:

“Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

I’ve decided to be the person I need right now.

Who do you need to be?



Yes, I should mention that although it was not my motivation for creating it, I AM going to monetize the crap out of this blog. If it will get me closer to the finish line more quickly, I am going for it. Can you blame me?

I promise to be transparent about such things.

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  1. Your voice suits me just fine.

    • Yay! I appreciate you saying so. I do have a tendency to get a bit carried away… 😜

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