Top 3 reasons I have too much crap

I am a single woman with one kid and that is a picture of my garage. You may notice that it contains a royal shit ton of boxes. Oddly enough, I noticed the same thing. Some of the boxes contain stuff belonging to Junior, but most of them are mine. Worse yet, they are the boxes that don’t contain anything we need from day to day – our house is already unpacked.

I’ve opened a few of the boxes as I moved them to see what’s inside, and then promptly closed them up again. Today I found myself wondering what it is that has me close them up and leave them for Future Me to deal with. I’ve come up with three impulses that happen upon opening one of the Boxes of Forgotten Needs.

Here they are. Behold!

The top 3 reasons I have too much crap

1. Nostalgia

”This reminds me of something special so I can’t bear the thought of giving it up.”

The salvage yard of my life.

2. Scarcity

”I might need this at some point and don’t want to waste money buying it again.”

The voices of my depression-era grandparents.

3. Overwhelm

”I know I should do something with this but I have no idea where to start.”

The guilt!

When I have these dangerous thoughts, my eyes glaze over and I come to believe that I must continue to save whatever it is that I’ve saved. (Okay, there is no eye-glazing, but… dramatic effect.) At the time I close each box again it seems to make sense, but when I look at all of them gathered en masse in my hapless garage, it no longer seems reasonable. Some of them are boxes that have moved twice or three times with me without ever being unpacked.

The humanity.

But here is the kicker: None of this stuff came from my storage unit. I still haven’t even started that.

It makes me want to turn off the light, close the door and never think about it again, but that is what got me into this situation to begin with. I really should have a talk with myself about this.

Present me: You know that all these boxes are LITERALLY costing you money, right?

Self: *hangs head* Yes.

Present me: And you know you won’t be able to park the car in the garage come winter when it’s full of all this crap, right?

Self: *sighs*

Future me (from off-stage): *screams*

Present me, to Self: *taps foot* So? What are we going to do about this?!

Okay. If I am going to deal with this problem, I am going to go all in. I’ve been letting myself off the hook with the storage unit by putting it off, meanwhile, the charges keep hitting my bank account. I estimate that in the years since I first got my storage unit, I have spent roughly $7500 to store shit I don’t need.

leonardo di caprio throwing money away

The Space Reclamation Project

As with everything, I need a plan, so here it is. I am going to multiply the number of boxes in my garage by moving in everything from the storage unit. That will give me a view of EVERYTHING that needs to be dealt with. I will face my enemy and gird my loins for battle.

My deadline for this will be the end of September, because where I live that is when the weather starts getting nasty.

That’s it. By the end of September I will have dealt with my Boxes of Forgotten Needs, and will park my car in a nice, clean, happy garage.

picard make it so



2 thoughts on “Top 3 reasons I have too much crap

  1. For me, a part of it is fear.

    You worry that you will get rid of something and then you will somehow need it later. It gets to the point of ridiculousness trying to over prepare for some imaginary event.

    • Yep, I totally agree. The fear (and the stuff we keep because of it) could completely take over if left unchecked. I could spin out into analysis of the consquences if I don’t have it if I need it, and the consquences of hanging onto it (and every other widget I might someday need), and eventually it gets silly. Garage full of stuff silly.

      “OMG, what if there is an earthquake and there is no electricity for a month and I need to make an omelette?!” 😜

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