the liebster award seal of awesomeness

Hello, 2018 Liebster Award Nomination!

I’m so excited! The existence of something called The Liebster Award was unknown to me until very recently, when I was nominated by a fellow blogger. As I understand it, it is fun a way for bloggers to recognize other bloggers who are writing content in their domain worth reading. We bloggers are inspired by other bloggers, so why not tell the world about each other? In the process of paying it forward, we get to learn more about each other and share our writing more broadly.

By gum, it’s just a bloggitty love-fest!

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women whispering

What am I up to with this blog, anyway?

Here’s the thing: there is nothing I can say on this blog about money, finances, financial independence, or retiring early that hasn’t already been said. I’m not a financial expert (I know just enough to be dangerous), and my track record shows I’m actually pretty terrible at managing my money no matter how I try to convince myself otherwise.

And still, I decided to create this blog. Why? Why? WHY???

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