Top 3 reasons I have too much crap

I am a single woman with one kid and that is a picture of my garage. You may notice that it contains a royal shit ton of boxes. Oddly enough, I noticed the same thing. Some of the boxes contain stuff belonging to Junior, but most of them are mine. Worse yet, they are the boxes that don’t contain anything we need from day to day – our house is already unpacked.

I’ve opened a few of the boxes as I moved them to see what’s inside, and then promptly closed them up again. Today I found myself wondering what it is that has me close them up and leave them for Future Me to deal with. I’ve come up with three impulses that happen upon opening one of the Boxes of Forgotten Needs.

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bored girl

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now?

No? Oh. We haven’t even started yet.

Dear god.

I’m feeling a little bit impatient today. I have a plan, and I’m really excited to kick it off. I have some work to do before that happens though. Mainly, my upcoming move in a month or so. Until I move, I won’t have all the extra cash available to execute on my Diabolical Plan.

What do I do in the meantime?

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