Never stop learning chalkboard - thoughts on being a successful high school dropout

Thoughts on being a successful high school dropout

I just can’t believe that my English teacher marked me down in high school for using too many parenthetical statements in my text. To be fair, he usually liked my work and I low-key suspect it was a ploy to make sure no one knew I was his favorite. (I mean really? Too many parentheses? Say it ain’t so.) Any concern I had is a bit silly now, because nothing he said ultimately mattered. I dropped out of high school.

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Here I am, here you are

Ms. Fibidie takes no delight in her current situation.

And that’s about enough of referring to myself in 3rd person.

I take no delight in my current situation. I DO take delight in having a problem to solve. If I was a cynical person I might even suspect I got myself into this pickle because I needed a good problem to solve. It’s just so damned juicy and irresistible. Still, there are easier ways to test one’s mettle than by completely fucking up one’s prospects for the future.

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