health and wellness benefits that pay you to have a blood pressure check like this one

Health and wellness benefits that pay in more ways than one

For the financially-minded, working for a large corporation has its advantages. Sure, the whole corporate grind is a little like having your soul sucked out through your nostrils by some mechanical proboscis, but they are at least willing to pay handsomely for said use of your soul.

My company has some good perks. The 401(k) matching is unequaled by any other large company I’ve worked for, and the employee stock purchase plan discount is great. Their benefits package is awesome, good health insurance choices, life insurance, disability, and dismemberment (as unlikely as that seems in my line of work, I often wonder whether the elevator has it out for me, so better safe than sorry.) I even get a free parking space in a city where others are paying hundreds of dollars every month for parking.

But this week I discovered a whole other set of benefits that I’d vaguely heard about but had never looked into. It seems I have been overlooking some health and wellness benefits that pay me to stay in prime shape for soul-sucking.

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