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Second vehicle SOLD! No more car payments!

If you could see me right now, I would be doing a happy little jig like my grandpappy after a few rounds of Jamison. I sold my second vehicle today and have no more car payments!

It was only a couple of years old and still in great shape, relatively few miles, so I took it to a local car dealership. They offered me $500 below my payoff balance, I gave them the difference, and called an Uber to get home.

Easy as pie.

I was a little worried about paying the $500, but then realized that between having no more car payments owed and no longer needing insurance for it, I would break even in less than 2 months.

What plans do I have for my newfound riches? I’m so glad you asked. I am going to contribute to my employee stock purchase program, get company stock at a 15% discount, sell it quickly and net between 10%-12%. After I sell the stock I will apply the cash toward my first 401(k) loan.

I have about $50 going into my stock purchase account right now so I can make sure it will all work as planned, and then will ratchet up my contribution.

I’m so stoked!

I love it when a plan comes together

2 thoughts on “Second vehicle SOLD! No more car payments!

  1. Cutting the car cord is pretty badass. Having no car payments will certainly free up cash. How will you get around? Do you plan to take public transit?

    • Oh, I wish I could be that badass, but this was a second vehicle (in my name), from a relationship that ended. I still have my car, which is all paid off. My commute is about 30 miles now that I live in a small town, so I couldn’t cut that cord. 😉

      Still, ditching that car payment feels pretty liberating!

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