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Penny wise, pound foolish

Ahh, that old chestnut. I am the very definition of penny wise, pound foolish. For the most part. Okay, maybe “the very definition” is a bit of an exaggeration. Let’s just say that I am capable of being frugal, and am inclined to be so, with a few exceptions.

One of the “exceptions” is something of a Death Star planet killer. Or plan killer, as the case may be.

It just couldn’t be easy, could it?

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What am I up to with this blog, anyway?

Here’s the thing: there is nothing I can say on this blog about money, finances, financial independence, or retiring early that hasn’t already been said. I’m not a financial expert (I know just enough to be dangerous), and my track record shows I’m actually pretty terrible at managing my money no matter how I try to convince myself otherwise.

And still, I decided to create this blog. Why? Why? WHY???

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Here I am, here you are

Ms. Fibidie takes no delight in her current situation.

And that’s about enough of referring to myself in 3rd person.

I take no delight in my current situation. I DO take delight in having a problem to solve. If I was a cynical person I might even suspect I got myself into this pickle because I needed a good problem to solve. It’s just so damned juicy and irresistible. Still, there are easier ways to test one’s mettle than by completely fucking up one’s prospects for the future.

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where do i even start typewriter

Where do I even START?

I am a 47 year-old woman who has saved $60,000. That is nothing to sneeze at given the savings rate of the average American, but deep down inside I am ashamed. Given a 20-year career in technology and a well above-average salary, $60,000 isn’t much to show for all of my hard work. I don’t even own a home. On top of that, I have about $60k in debt.

And so I ask, in more ways than one, where do I even start?

You could say I’m a late bloomer and you’d be right. “Dumbass” might be a bit more appropriate though given all the cash I’ve squandered over the years. That’s fair. I’ll own it.

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