plant in concrete still alive

Ohhhh, whooooa, I’m still alive…

I am a creature of habit. Once I get into a routine, I pretty much like to stay there. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. I like to know what to expect. As much as I’d like to convince myself that I’m a freewheeling spontaneous type, this isn’t really the case unless I’m having impulse control issues, and that’s rather the exception than the rule.

So when Junior came to live with me two weeks earlier than planned in March, and my routine went flying out the window, I immediately went into mental health damage control mode. I’m still here, I’m still alive, just flopping around somewhat like a fish out of water.

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gratitude adjustment blacksmith

Gratitude adjustment: Accepting the foreboding joy of financial freedom

Brené Brown is a researcher who writes about vulnerability, empathy, courage, shame, and other uplifting topics related to living a whole-hearted existence. I’ve always enjoyed her work and how she pairs an analytical approach with a wry sense of humor.

One thing she wrote about that left me gobsmacked was an experience she calls “foreboding joy.”

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a sandwich for those who say there is no such thing as a free lunch

Mythie McMythface strikes again: “No such thing as a free lunch”

How often have you heard it? There is no such thing as a free lunch. Thanks, Uncle Bob, for your priceless pearls of wisdom. But you’re wrong.

When you’re on your way to FI, then you start sniffing out all the free lunches you possibly can. Like, literally.

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laptop money personal finance blogs

Personal Finance Blogs I Like: Double Debt Single Woman

After discovering Rockstar Finance Directory, I spent some time sifting through all of the blogs there. I was interested in reading the experience of others in my age group who started from a position in debt and were working their way out. As I did this, I decided to post about personal finance blogs that I enjoy reading. It gives me some incentive to keep exploring and reading and reaching out to a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey.

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manic self-deception i can fly feet

The biggest manic self-deception ever: “I can manage this”

I was talking with my therapist the other day about starting this blog, and how it has helped me really get honest with myself about the financial damage hypomania has done in my life. Manic self-deception is a bitch. More than anything, this has left me feeling vulnerable because even if I try as hard as I can to reach FI, I’m one episode away from f***ing it all up again. It’s not awesome to feel like I’m not in control of the outcome.

While we were talking, she used an analogy to describe this retroactive helplessness that manic self-deception creates: “It’s like you feel that you are occasionally possessed by an alien force that you have no control over.”

And I made a squinty face and said, “Ehhhhhhh, welllllll, maybe, but it’s more insidious than that.”  There was a metaphor that fit much better.

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