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On anonymous blogging: why I chose a secret identity

I love the FIRE blogging community, and something I’ve noticed is that many of them are using secret anonymous blogging identities. They give themselves clever names, and refer to themselves as Mr. this and Mrs. that. And they often have Little this or thats to round out the family. It makes complete sense to me even if it is becoming a tad predictable. So, you know, naturally I had to join in the fun.

It seems likely to me that other bloggers’ reasons for keeping their real life identities detached from their blogs are similar to mine, but I thought it would be worth a brief post on the subject.

The reasons I chose anonymous blogging:

1. It makes me seem mysterious

1. Being anonymous does for me what it does for so many others online; it allows me to be honest in ways I don’t feel comfortable being honest with those I see every day. Money is a weird topic, and mental health is an especially weird topic. Even being able to post what I’ve posted so far has been refreshing, even if it does feel like I’m talking to myself at this stage in the game. And just for the record, I feel bold about sharing my journey because I know there are others out there who struggle with the same sorts of things, and maybe they need to feel a sense of community too.

At the very least, maybe it’s good for a giggle.  At most, inspiration to keep going.

2. When everyone around you has known you for a long time, they sort of expect you to be a certain way. Sometimes they don’t even have a very good picture of who you are; you are to them however they experience you, good or bad or indifferent. That doesn’t mean that it’s you. Sometimes it is nice to not be held to all of that. Call it a fresh start.

3. Anonymous blogging is FUN. As a writing exercise, I had one other blog that I wrote as a rather outrageous fictional character. It was a hoot (for me, at least), even if no one else ever discovered it. Hey, blogging isn’t always about having an audience. It can be its own reward.

4. Finally, the biggest reason: my employer would NOT be amused. Long story, and I would be putting myself at risk by revealing any more. I’ve already messed up a couple of times and a few people probably already have my real name.

Maybe someday, after I’ve reached FI and/or have moved on from my current employer, I will have the courage to reveal my identity. For now I’ll just be Ms. Fibidie, who somehow sounds like she should be intruding on her neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar and a good bit of gossip.

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2 thoughts on “On anonymous blogging: why I chose a secret identity

  1. Totally with you on all the reasons.

    Personally, I would probably still choose to stay anonymous after I reach FI. I don’t see any positives revealing to a bunch of random internet strangers that I am loaded,

    • An excellent point that I hadn’t considered.

      Sometimes I do think it would be cool to attend one of those financial independence meetups that happen every now and again, but I suppose I should actually get closer to FI before considering it. Even then I guess I could still be mostly anonymous.

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