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Financial independence progress update #1: Hits and misses

When I first started this blog in a fit of exuberance*, after a few posts I admitted that I was super eager to get started and was having difficulty with the fact that it would be some time before I could implement my Diabolical Plan. That was two months ago, so I thought it might be time to check in about how things are going with my financial independence progress.

Here’s the scorecard!

The good news is that I’ve had a few successes!  The not so good news is that I’ve also had some challenges. I’m not feeling discouraged though because I’m catching myself in my bad habits more often, am developing more strategies for coping with impulsiveness, and am being more disciplined. Taking a balanced approach is working well so far, I think.

Sadly, I do not hit as many home runs as Big Papi. Overall, I’d say I’m batting about .210, right around the Mendoza line. I could be doing better, but it isn’t the end of the world. At least I’m still in the game.

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What I did:

  • 401(k) investment is up to 6%, the minimum needed to get all the company matching
  • Increased my tax withholdings so I will hopefully not owe anything next year on my taxes
  • Started investing $100 a month in the employee stock purchase plan, to make sure I understand how it works before investing a bigger chunk of income
  • Sold my second vehicle, for a gain of $450 a month (decreased insurance and no more car payment)
  • Homemade lunches and dinners for Junior and me all last week
  • Made an appointment with my therapist to start going back (I am determined to not end up in financial trouble again)

What I didn’t do:

  • Invest some of my bonus in Tesla stock now that it’s down (I transferred cash from my bank to my brokerage account, placed the order to execute the next business day, then cancelled it and transferred the cash back to the bank – close call!)
  • Decide to buy a house (yes, there was an impulse)
  • Decide to trade in my fully-paid car for a hybrid to save on gas (it would take me some 6 years to break even, and by then my commute may be shorter anyway)
  • Buy about 10 things that were at one point in my Amazon shopping cart
  • Hire an upholstery cleaner to clean my sofa
  • Buy a desk from IKEA
  • Buy that $100 keyboard for my tablet to replace the (still perfectly functional) one that I dislike
  • Adopt a cat (yet)


What I did do that I shouldn’t have done:

  • Ordered about 10 *other* things from Amazon (Two of them I can return and will do that. *headdesk*)
  • Decided that travel hacking is an awesome idea and applied for an airlines rewards card (Due to what must have been divine intervention, I was denied even though my credit is decent – another close call)
  • Spent more than I needed to on Junior’s birthday
  • Bought salmon from the grocery store that had been previously frozen (both of us were nauseated for the next 24 hours!)

What I didn’t do that I should have:

  • Go for a walk
  • Get more sleep
  • Call my mom
  • Listen to that little voice that said, “that salmon is risky…”


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* “Exuberance” in bipolar parlance = “mania.” But so far so good. I think that break ended up being a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Financial independence progress update #1: Hits and misses

  1. Nice job selling the second car. Just discovered your blog from Double Debt Single Woman. Love the name. We’re in similar boats (SM w/a teen). Thought I’d come over and commiserate. 😉
    Life is better since MMM too.

    Me and Amazon used to be tight. I was seeing Starbuck on the side. Had to break up with both of them. Better for it. I can handle them in small doses now, but took some willpower.

    • Nice to meet you Jane! I appreciate the company on this journey/roller coaster ride. 😉

      Amazon and Starbucks. Man. Those Seattle companies are killers! I still haven’t quiiiiiiite gotten them out of my life. I am getting better too though. I’ve found that I will put all kinds of crap in my Amazon cart and just let it sit there. Then when I come back to it later I’m like, “why is this in here? I don’t need that.” The “Save for later” button lets me get it out of the cart and think about it until I can fully let it go. Baby steps!

      Jeez. This might be worth a whole post. 😜

      Thanks for introducing yourself!

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