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Everything is turning up roses – I’m getting a tax refund!

HOLY CATS!  Good news, everyone!

I’m getting a tax refund!

How did this magical, sparkly goodness happen, you ask?

Please allow me to spin my tale of darkness, woe, a change of fortune and eventual triumph.

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It almost makes you suspicious, doesn’t it?

It’s all pretty simple, really.  I lost SO MUCH MONEY on the business in 2017 that I got to deduct most of it, and BOOM! My taxable income went down.

Let’s recap the starting situation:

I had set aside $3000 from my bonus to pay taxes.

I am getting a refund that is slightly more than $2000.

My tax preparation fees were $750, because there is no way in hell I’m qualified to do my own taxes. No, no, no.

darth vader noooo
Me thinking about doing my own taxes

My net refund is around $1250, PLUS the $3000 from my bonus that I won’t have to give the government.

I now have $4250 to put toward my credit card debt.


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