health and wellness benefits that pay you to have a blood pressure check like this one

Health and wellness benefits that pay in more ways than one

For the financially-minded, working for a large corporation has its advantages. Sure, the whole corporate grind is a little like having your soul sucked out through your nostrils by some mechanical proboscis, but they are at least willing to pay handsomely for said use of your soul.

My company has some good perks. The 401(k) matching is unequaled by any other large company I’ve worked for, and the employee stock purchase plan discount is great. Their benefits package is awesome, good health insurance choices, life insurance, disability, and dismemberment (as unlikely as that seems in my line of work, I often wonder whether the elevator has it out for me, so better safe than sorry.) I even get a free parking space in a city where others are paying hundreds of dollars every month for parking.

But this week I discovered a whole other set of benefits that I’d vaguely heard about but had never looked into. It seems I have been overlooking some health and wellness benefits that pay me to stay in prime shape for soul-sucking.

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coins falling pennies from heaven

Pennies from heaven: the incomparable joy of found money

What is it about receiving money you weren’t expecting that fills us with glee? As a child it was like finding a treasure, because it literally WAS found money. Grandma called it “pennies from heaven.” Like a nickel on the sidewalk. Even as an adult though, now that found money comes in the form of a check or refund of some kind, or occasionally as a gift, I still feel that giddiness of surprise and delight. In a way it feels like getting away with something, like “I’d better go cash this check before I get caught.”  Or superstitious, like “I’d better go cash this check for fear the universe sees me as ungrateful.”

Is that weird? Yeah, it’s weird. I’m okay with that.

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big papi red sox swing financial independence progress

Financial independence progress update #1: Hits and misses

When I first started this blog in a fit of exuberance*, after a few posts I admitted that I was super eager to get started and was having difficulty with the fact that it would be some time before I could implement my Diabolical Plan. That was two months ago, so I thought it might be time to check in about how things are going with my financial independence progress.

Here’s the scorecard!

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Top 3 reasons I have too much crap

I am a single woman with one kid and that is a picture of my garage. You may notice that it contains a royal shit ton of boxes. Oddly enough, I noticed the same thing. Some of the boxes contain stuff belonging to Junior, but most of them are mine. Worse yet, they are the boxes that don’t contain anything we need from day to day – our house is already unpacked.

I’ve opened a few of the boxes as I moved them to see what’s inside, and then promptly closed them up again. Today I found myself wondering what it is that has me close them up and leave them for Future Me to deal with. I’ve come up with three impulses that happen upon opening one of the Boxes of Forgotten Needs.

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