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Personal Finance Blogs I Like: Double Debt Single Woman

After discovering Rockstar Finance Directory, I spent some time sifting through all of the blogs there. I was interested in reading the experience of others in my age group who started from a position in debt and were working their way out. As I did this, I decided to post about personal finance blogs that I enjoy reading. It gives me some incentive to keep exploring and reading and reaching out to a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey.

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Debt Reduction: Credit card debt update #1

Remember when I explained that I have two “extra” paychecks per year? One of them came in this week and I had been waiting eagerly to decide what to do with it. I could apply it to my scary 401(k) loans, or reduce my credit card balances, or add it to my savings for some extra cushion, or even invest it.

What did I decide do with my extra paycheck this week? I used it to punch my credit card debt in the face.

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