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Personal Finance Blogs I Like: Double Debt Single Woman

After discovering Rockstar Finance Directory, I spent some time sifting through all of the blogs there. I was interested in reading the experience of others in my age group who started from a position in debt and were working their way out. As I did this, I decided to post about personal finance blogs that I enjoy reading. It gives me some incentive to keep exploring and reading and reaching out to a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey.

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The biggest manic self-deception ever: “I can manage this”

I was talking with my therapist the other day about starting this blog, and how it has helped me really get honest with myself about the financial damage hypomania has done in my life. Manic self-deception is a bitch. More than anything, this has left me feeling vulnerable because even if I try as hard as I can to reach FI, I’m one episode away from f***ing it all up again. It’s not awesome to feel like I’m not in control of the outcome.

While we were talking, she used an analogy to describe this retroactive helplessness that manic self-deception creates: “It’s like you feel that you are occasionally possessed by an alien force that you have no control over.”

And I made a squinty face and said, “Ehhhhhhh, welllllll, maybe, but it’s more insidious than that.”  There was a metaphor that fit much better.

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On anonymous blogging: why I chose a secret identity

I love the FIRE blogging community, and something I’ve noticed is that many of them are using secret anonymous blogging identities. They give themselves clever names, and refer to themselves as Mr. this and Mrs. that. And they often have Little this or thats to round out the family. It makes complete sense to me even if it is becoming a tad predictable. So, you know, naturally I had to join in the fun.

It seems likely to me that other bloggers’ reasons for keeping their real life identities detached from their blogs are similar to mine, but I thought it would be worth a brief post on the subject.

The reasons I chose anonymous blogging:

1. It makes me seem mysterious

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Making space vs. making money

Friends help you move. Real friends help you move books.

Because I’m getting ready to move in a month, I’ve been using my weekends lately to go through boxes in the garage. Lucky me! I get to decide what stuff I can get rid of that I didn’t bother to unpack after the last move! It is definitely time for a grand purge and making space.

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